First post in a while and why I can't hang out at a coffee shop

So we decided to put a blog up again and like your stereotypical blogger I'm sitting in a Starbucks.


Like an asshole

It's 8 pm, I have a fresh dark roast coffee to fuel my judgement. I'm watching a single mom take her eleven year old on a "date".

I'm watching college students high fiving, broing out cause they ran into each other at random. One with terrible, faded jeans that have seen most of the decade. The other with guns that I'm admittedly jealous of. Why am I judging these people? Is it because when I stop into a coffee shop its a dirty quickie? I can't fully enjoy the atmosphere, even when its overwhelmingly commercial like a Starbucks? Now I can't remember if I talked about this on the show. One morning not too long ago I was killing time before work at Starbucks. There was a guy that had what amounted to his whole office spread out before him. What struck me was a good portion of the people walking in said hi to him and chatted briefly before ordering their drink and leaving. I hate to admit it but I was a little envious. It made me want to have a job where I could hang out at a coffee shop, work and chat with the customers.

Whatever, it is what it is. Well now that I'm home and we're about to finally record with Graphic Novice its time to post this and move on with my life.

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