Devs Notes #1 - And So It Begins

So friend of the show Dev from Snake Oil Comics, Snake Oil Horror and of course Shot Of History. This big beautiful man decided to go alllllll the way back and live tweet our shows, from the beginning. If you're not following him on twitter @PodmanBigDev

you can find his tweet conveniently collected here. So like the title of our first show...

and so it begins.

Just in case you want to follow along

Because no one demanded it, I will be live #tweeting every episode of @Salty_Language while I start from episode 1. I may never catch up to the current episodes

The guys shit all over the Novi con and a casino in Detroit being a reason not to got there. They now love Detroit (call forward "The white people are back!")

They completely shit the bed on remembering that Will Smith was in "I Am Legend" in an attempt to compare Detroit to post-Will Smith fuck up in New York. 2 minutes later, Tony finally looks the name up. This show is so old, Bryan is talking about looking at the upcoming DVD list for his @netflix subscription. He is erect for Shotgun Hobo. Wondering if Tony still has a season of Dexter on DVD in his house

( ~19 min mark) Remember emo kids... if you cut yourself, make sure it's a cool looking design. Get that corporate sponsorship money. of #HOBI trying to sneak through the recording studio. This is one of many coming appearances I'm sure. Kevin "Whats-his-nuts" Spacey gets Tony's seal of approval as Lex in "Superman Returns"

Hoff-sicles and CM Punk-sicles are or should be things

At 26 min and 32 seconds in, we finally get to shameless plugs/bidness time. They are also recording at Bryan's place with his Satanic cat that is contemplating Tony's sacrifice. WoW cockblocks selling of anything on eBay. The guys old-school it when playing games and find the pay-to-play method dumb.

12 year-olds Hitler youths in game chats? Fuck 'em! John Madden travels on a flatbed truck because he refuses to fly and he is too fat to ride on the bus. Burger King destroyed Tony's colon. Made his bathroom look like a crime scene. Begging @netflix to sponsor the show before the show even posts. Brilliant marketing strategy, get them to commit before they know what's going on. "Here you go, you want something that will really offend people?" - @stewnami. This should have been the show's slogan. @KellyFail.... is this still a thing? Are we still tagging her when things go wrong? Darth Maul raises the roof... more like Darth Raver! Holy shit! This show started when @DCComics's #New52 was launching?!?!? Good lord. "Every page of delicious, blue dong" - @monoTONY

Tony knows how to sell Watchmen. Never question his methods. Dr. Manhattan should have used his blue dong of justice for bludgeoning people to death in the movie. Snyder really missed an opportunity there. Tony needs to reshoot the movie right now. "I'm no man-ass connoisseur, but I do know a nice ass when I see it" - @monoTONY

"Because, basically, who wears underpants?" - @stewnami Truer words have never been spoken. So much talk about poor choices in comics. Also, too much Superman talk. Only the Salty boys could relate Superman to Roseanne. I like that Tony refers to the @netflix streaming service as "instant Netflix" instead of just Netflix. Man is this show old. Back to comic talk. At least it's talk about the Ultimate Marvel universe. Stan Lee was cool with it only because of the dump truck of money. Blackest Night was last year's big DC event?!?!? God lord.... The current age of comics should be the Cum Rag Age. And now we're shitting on Leifeld art and big titty Cap.

"The Flash is kind because he rewinds" - @stewnami Extremely topical jokes. "'Hey, let's go ride our bikes.' 'Ah... don't be gay.' Doesn't mean he's going to suck dicks somewhere" - @monoTONY The insight is super deep. All these off limit words talk got me going

Dark humor pushes the pain away according to the boys, and they couldn't be any more correct. Talking about "Short Attention Span Theater" w/ @marcmaron on HA network? Topical talk indeed. Digging real deep. "Cup Holder Theater"? Is this still a thing @monoTONY ? Do these still exist on the YouTube channel? Guys surprised by going a full 1.5 hours on the first show. Wrapped with "Have a beer, you'll be fine", and history was made.

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