Devs Notes #2 - Canadian Yoko

Another brilliant tweet thread from Big Dev. When this came across my twitter it was then I decided that I had to transform these into blog posts. So without further ado, here we go...

In case you want to listen too

Oh shit. Here we go with "Episode 2- Canadian Yoko" by @Salty_Language. making the topical Emeril reference with how much extra salt will be added to this episode. We also get our first shout out for a 5-star ball wash, but the boys only call it a review

Erection connection made when Voltron avatars on Xbox Live is mentioned. Snarf gets no love, and old school toons fail to hold up. The new Thundercats sounds legit.

"You do have the pungent odor of vassal on you." - @stewnami I was unaware that wage slave had an odor. Perhaps this will become a TonyCo. cologne spray. "It's like wearing one of them turkey roast bags around your crotch." - @monoTONY Tony straight stewing in ball soup. We get another @KellyFail callout. Who is this Kelly, and why did she fail so bad? "Who's that guy that threw his shit at people?" "Gorilla Grodd before he got smart" This exchange is why people still tune in every week.

"If someone needed to put a bullet into the lame horse that was hair metal..." - @monoTONY Poor choice of words or perfect when talking about Kurt Cobain as an influential musician? (I don't think @AngelsFreak7 would approve)

I had no idea that Kim Jong-Il was a WoW gold farmer. I guess I'm glad he had some kind of creative outlet... Did London rioters leave the bookstores alone because only Nazis burn books? "Hey, I've listened to Fuck the Police." @stewnami trying to connect with the kids about 2 decades too late. People still don't understand that the police can find out about illegal activities when they brag about it on Facebook

"Apple has done what the government would love to do to us." @stewnami with the deep political commentary.

Scrapping is so hot right now according to Tony. For some it's a lifestyle, for others it's fun. I really wish Tony would have gotten a pic of that unicorn hobo. For Draper is 4D Raper? Did @monoTONY go full Jeopardy Sean Connery? "The 4th dimension is anal." Yes it is, @stewnami, yes it is... Zima and wine spritzers are baby toucher drinks. Dammit... Why didn't DD Studios take hold? Bowling ball talk, nice.

Matt Stafford is going to play a whole season injury free? Wasn't this the year that he nearly lost a finger? Tony only wants blown out spines when guys get injured in the NFL. Detroit drafts a dude that went full Ford while deplaning? "Because, when you take a shit, you have to do it in the most angry way possible." If the dumpy ain't grumpy, you aren't pooping right. Mobile gaming is weird. Why the hell would I play on my 6" screen when I have a minicomputer hooked to a 70" screen. "I picture just like the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinski situation" "Oh, he's blowing him?" I don't think DC had that in mind for intern Robin in New 52, but that would have been way more interesting.

"In theory, there is a vagina involved, but you're also getting beard burn." @monoTONY posing the ultimate thought experiment on making love to the bearded lady at the carnival. THIS SHOW PREDATES MILES MORALES SPIDEY?!?!?!? Holy shit. Talk about dating the age of a show. Totally thought Archie talk was going sexual, but Reservoir Dogs Archie is way better. And even darker with the Philadelphia Archie storyline. "I blocked that out like a rape" The Rocky & Bullwinkle movie was bad, but not that bad @monotony. Full show and no intro to who either of them was. Classic @Salty_Language before it was classic. Final Thoughts: Excellent sophomore show. The guys did a great job of keeping the show rolling and it sounded really good for a show that was just getting started. Mind still blown by this predating Miles Spidey. Loved the dark humor. Lot of good, offensive quoteables in this episode. Some solid back and forth punchlining on comments. #5starballwash

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