Dev's Notes #3 - Thor, the God of Blunder

At this point I couldn't believe he was still doing it and I love him more because of it. Truly the highlight of twitter for me right now. See it live on twitter @podmanbigdev

Wanna hear it too?

Oh it's true. It's damn true! Time to saddle up for "Episode 3- Thor, God of Blunder" of @Salty_Language. Prepare for Devnotes. Origin of evil or poorly planned sequel? @monoTONY does not feel it necessary to warn people of the foul stench of death after long poop session. That's just cold. Bryan has a case of aneurysms... or sinus infection. Which is a symptom of headbutt herpes. Tony goes looking for a hand cannon and gets serious with home defense with the Barrett 50 cal. Shooting a bullet a mile = impressive. Shooting a missile a mile = weak sauce. Battlefield trailer gives the guys another erection connection, but CoD Zombie map beats it back. "So it's pedophilia if an adult rapes a kid, but what if it's the other way around? And it's forcibly done." @stewnami posing the hard questions. Still covering the London riots. BBC would be proud. "If there is summer sausage flopping around, you gotta warn." "Looks like Hillshire Farms." The dynamic duo strikes again. The guys review The Almighty Thor. The consensus is stay away. How can a movie with Kevin Nash as Odin be bad though? Thor comes to earth gets taught to shoot a gun. Must have landed in Texas. (Loki is the Trickster God, Hela is the Godess of Hel) Odin and Bill, the best of the Norse gods. Floppy swords? We talking 'bout dicks??? "Seamless like Frankenstein's forehead" @monoTONY knows how to cut through the bullshit and get right to the point. "If you're going to have that look in your eye, at least be sucking dick for porn." -@stewnami

Tony is blown away by push-up bras for teenage girls. The guys beg to suckle at the @netflix teat once again. Wonder if still exists.... "Fruit bowl for everyone." @monoTONY likes his capris extra low riding. ( Yet another @KellyFail shout out, with the Jimmy Kimmel/Matt Damon snub. Tony says sayonara instead of "Have a beer, you'll be fine." It just feels wrong. Also, full show and no introduction for either host again. Classic #SLP

Final Thoughts: The guys may not have found their stride yet, but they are damn close. The Almighty Thor just might be the "The Room" of Norse mythology movies. Only T&B are brave enough to make fun of breast cancer. #5starballwash

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