Devs Notes #4 - Groin Strength

Despite the all the whiskeys we drank in Detroit, Dev is still going strong with his quest to live tweet the past. For sure an amazing feat of endurance. Hilarious and very much appreciated.

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It's time! It's time! It's @Salty_Language time! Strap in for #Devnotes on "Episode 4 - Groin Strength" This week they are coming from Groin Strength Studios. is working on carrying a @ChipotleTweets turd baby to term after having had a black bean burger that was like "eating a mountain lion with the flu". "It was like Play-doh fun factory." Question is, did @monoTONY equip the star die or round? "Is that semis down shifting on the highway?" "Do you guys have trains around here?" @monoTONY & @stewnami killing it w/ the tasteful descriptions of farting outside Tony unleashed chemical warfare in his house.. WHAT?!?! Tony has love of Sam Adams....? Tony's craft game is weak early on. Michigan/Ohio earthquakes are like California snow. The apocalypse is upon us. First T reference! Sad that it was made during news about the local titty bar, I mean gentleman's club, burned to the ground. T's got all those 1's and no thongs to stuff them in. Guys start to talk about reviewing Apollo 18 and get interrupted by breaking news of Steve Jobs' resignation from Apple... this show is hitting all the memories. Shitty cars getting ass-packed by buses you say? Stevie J got a Cristal bidet? His ass must be all about the bottle service. (Not the last time the guys with talk about weird bidets... Call forward to episode 350) Getting back to Apollo 18 talk. Boring because it's not Mars? "Shaky cam sucks dick... a bushel even" - @monoTONY Tony wants to make used panties tea. Clearly trying to capture that Japanese audience

1 in 10 things on the internet is intelligent? I thought it was just all porn to someone. T&B try to pit @netflix & @redbox against each other for sponsorship. Bryan is willing to install a kiosk on his porch. Just saying

Show takes place prior to school being in session and the internet delivers Tony a message of how much better Xbox live will get because kids are going back to school. Many laughs were had. Bryan shits on Ice Cube's career. Tony tries to rep Ice Tea, but Bryan burns it down just like the local titty bar. I would actually pay to see Operation Dumbo Drop 2 w/ @SnoopDogg, @cypresshill, and @WuTangClan, @monotony. That movie sounds legit. Movie Club? Another failed #SLP idea. @stewnami thinks people will pay for more #SLP only 4 shows in... little does he know, they try to get that money in the future... and have to retool rewards. wants to buy pinkie rings w/ your money and @monoTONY wants to install bidets. Had Bryan not said who the party bus was stolen by, I would have assumed this story was about werecoon Tony. The pantless thief totally sounds like Tony's M.O. Is still a thing? Stop HOUND-ing the news about bad puns when talking about dogs being kidnapped. ( "Look at the belly. If there's big file marks where the serial number should be, it's stolen." Pretty sure Tony has a robo-dog, not a real dog. Tony has tats? This should have been breaking news. Fuck Steve Jobs. "Somebody got shot in Toledo over a tattoo" is like say "somebody got shot in Saginaw", Bryan. Wait... Boo-boo the Yorkshire Terrier? I don't think that dog was kidnapped, that dog left willingly. "You see the dick on this dog?!?" I have never heard that being a selling point for a dog, @monotony, but now I can't unhear it. A lot of organic food talk. I like to put all the chemicals in my body. Bring on the weird sproutings from my body. Tony thought about raising chickens and tilling a garden... not sure if that ever panned out. Guys decide they need an official sign-off and then get distracted by Kraft Dinner. Tony laid waste to the tiny house (aka Wasp nest) on his tiny house on his property. Said tiny house is the future site of a joke involving T & @tjlhigh. #KeptMan Red Sonja reboot talk during Conan reboot talk. Again... show dates itself w/ talk of Ghost Rider 2 yet to come out. Nic Cage acting awful? Never.

The guys get fully erect at reading the synopsis of Hobo with a Shotgun. Guys officially introduce themselves as they shut it down because they still haven't figured out "Have a beer, you'll be fine" is their bread & butter sign-off. Final Thoughts: Another great episode. The guys have a great chemistry on the mic. Lot's of LOL moments. Starting to get into them making plans and not following through in true #SLP fashion.

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