My problem that is not really a problem

So my iPhone 6 plus is a marvel of technology. Fast, large, a nice bright screen and plenty of storage. When I upgraded from my iPhone 4 it was like Wizard Of Oz switching from black and white to color. I couldn't believe how much better it was. I couldn't believe I went that long with such a "tiny" phone. What the hell was I waiting for? Suddenly I was part of the present again.

Until now...

My home button broke, I can't simply unlock my phone with my thumbprint anymore. I can't quickly add cash to my Starbucks app without typing in my password now. The inconveniences are staggering.

I had to add a virtual button to access my phone

To switch between apps

Hell even to take a quick screenshot

So now I wait, I payed handsomely for the insurance on the shitty thing. I went to my Verizon store, they assured me that my new device would be in my hands post haste. That was over a week ago, the damn thing is lost in transit somewhere in Texas. I'll once again have to trouble myself with heading back to the store. As I was fretting over this I listened to a Joe Rogan Experience with a heavyweight fighter by the name of Justin Wren. This man gave up five years of his life to help build water wells in the Congo for Pygmies. Listening to him really put my bullshit into perspective. Despite the fact I was inconvenienced by my failing device I was still better off then most of the population of the world. Here I am employed, healthy, with a decent paying job and a mildly successful internet radio show. Life seems pretty good really. Lately I've been trying hard to shift my perspective, see things from other angles I normally don't view things from. You ever have that wake up call? The one where you realize you just may be more selfish than you thought? The focus on my phone was just a facet of this. Its been a rude awaking lately but its also healthy. Growing pains and whatnot.

Check back here for updates.

Also I did get my replacement phone and life stayed about the same.

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